Using LVM to create hybrid storage

High Level

LVM can be used to combine high speed volumes (such as SSDs) and low speed volumes to create one volume that utalizes the SSD for read/write cache and flush the data to the slower volume as time goes on.

Mid Level

LVMcache uses the dm-cache kernel driver to create a hybrid storage LV using...

  • The original (Slow, large data) LV
  • The cache (Fast, likely smaller storage) LV
  • Metadata LV (Used by LVM and DM-Cache for background information

All LVs must be on the same VG


Creating the cache

One liner...

lvcreate --type cache --cachemode writethrough -L 20G -n dataLV_cachepool dataVG/dataLV /dev/sda

Options Explained:

  • "--type" Defines the type of cache

  • "--cachemode" Defines to either write to the ssd (writeback) or only use the ssd as a read cache (writethrough)

Removing The Cache

lvconvert --uncache dataVG/dataLV

Flushes all writes to the cached vol and removed the caching layer


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